Date with Rosalyn

Just a new video! Check it out. It’d be greatly appreciated. Rosalyn — Broke For Free from Minhky Le on Vimeo. Cheers!

Snuck into their Kitchen II

While there are a lot of food photos out there, I’ve never really seen a good collection of chefs photographed doing what they do best by any bloggers. Well, I had the opportunity… Continue reading

Glidecam Test Footage

Sorry, this post isn’t photography related! Part of my work is to film. So, I ordered a ‘Glidecam’ in which work was happy enough to fund. It’s engineered to stabilise video footage and… Continue reading

Snuck into their kitchen

For some people like I, getting into food photography has given me new opportunities to utilise my camera in ways that I’ve never thought of before. In my case, taking out the camera… Continue reading

Working with Coca Cola

I’m back! Also, I recently finished my winter school. Back to posting regularly (hopefully). COCA COLA NEWS – I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to let this slip (but I don’t… Continue reading

Went for a walk

A friend had driven me to a field sitting right next to a small highway. For some strange reason, it always got really cold there at night and there would always be a… Continue reading

I’ve been promoted.

I’ll make this post short and quick to spare you guys from the boredom. Cheers for reading anyway! So as the title suggests, I was ‘promoted’. Well, that’s what I would call it at… Continue reading

Vivid Sydney without the ‘vivid’

I DIDN’T TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF THE LIGHTS! Vivid Sydney. We’ve all seen it and it’s an exuberant visual light installation that situates itself on the harbour of Sydney. Australia. Although, that’s the… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Brandon’s Birthday was a fun-filled day with an amazing cake to end the night. Surprising Brandon (a good mate of my girlfriend and I) left him in a very excited state. The girls… Continue reading

What updates?

So I ruined my streak by not posting daily, like how I tend to really strive for. So what’s been up? Well I’ll be glad to know that I’ll be getting back on… Continue reading